MA Students

  • Mark Call

    Mark Call

  • Zachariah Dirazonian

    Zachariah Dirazonian

    Surface Transportation, Automation, Situational Awareness, Medical HF, and Usability

  • Jimmy  Gaudaen

    Jimmy Gaudaen

    Trust in Automation

  • Samantha Harper

    Samantha Harper

  • Kaitlin Kallini

    Kaitlin Kallini

    Product Design, Usability, and Ergonomics

  • Jenny LaFreniere

    Jenny LaFreniere

    Transportation, Usability, and Affect and Performance

  • Topher Marshall

    Topher Marshall

    Affect and Human Performance, and Usability

  • Ian McCandliss

    Ian McCandliss

    Ergonomics, Usability, and Wearable Technology

  • Lanita McCullerses

    Lanita McCullerses

    Human Computer Interaction, Usability, and Product Design

  • Zoe Pruitt

    Zoe Pruitt

    Usability, Human Computer Interaction, and Transportation

  • Eric Sikorski

    Eric Sikorski

    Wearable Technology, and Adaptive Gaming

  • Andy Stets

    Andy Stets

    Effects of Stress and Time Constraint on Decision-Making

  • Amy Swallow

    Amy Swallow

    Surface Transportation and Consumer Product Usability

  • Rebecca Thomas

    Rebecca Thomas

    Usability, UX/UI, and Consumer Products/Devices