Human Factors and Applied Cognition
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Sam Monfort

Sam Monfort

Sam Monfort

Human Factors and Applied Cognition

Sam Monfort is a doctoral student in the Human Factors and Applied Cognition program working with Dr. Patrick McKnight. He received his M.A. in Psychology from Wake Forest University and his B.S. in Psychology from The College of William and Mary.

His research interests include automation and attention, as well as human performance in high-stress environments. Sam also focuses on research design, methods, and statistical analysis.

Publications and Proceedings

Monfort, S.S., Sibley, C.M., & Coyne, J.T. (2016, April). Using machine learning and real-time workload assessment to inform task allocation in a multiple UAV management simulation. In SPIE Defense + Security, Baltimore, MD. SPIE Press.

de Visser, E.J., Monfort, S.S., Goodyear, K., Lu, L., O'Hara, M., Lee, M.R., Parasuraman, R., & Krueger, F. (in press). A little humanness goes a long way: Effects of oxytocin on trust, compliance, and team performance with automated agents. Human Factors.

de Visser, E.J., Monfort, S.S., McKendrick, R., Smith, M.A.B., McKnight, P.E., Krueger, F., & Parasuraman, R. (2016). Almost human: Anthropomorphism increases trust resilience in cognitive agents. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied22(3), 331-349.

Foroughi, C.K., Monfort, S.S., Paczynski, M., McKnight, P.E., & Greenwood, P.M. (2016). Placebo effects in cognitive training. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences113(27), 7470-7474.

Nadella, B.K., Avvari, G.V., Kumar, A., Mishra, M., Sidoti, D., Pattipati, K.R., Sibley, C., Coyne, J., & Monfort, S.S. (2016, March). Proactive decision support for dynamic assignment and routing of unmanned aerial systems. In Proceedings of the 37th International Conference for Aerospace Experts, Academics, Military Personnel, and Industry Leaders Annual Meeting.

Monfort, S.S., de Visser, E.J., Denton, D., & Cohen, M. (2015, September). Size, complexity, and organization: Assessing user error in Bayesian networks and influence diagrams. In Proceedings of the 59th Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting.

Smith, M.A., Monfort, S.S., & Blumberg, E.J. (2015). Improving voter experience through user testing and iterative design. Journal of Usability Studies10(4), 116-128.

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