Arielle Mandell

Arielle Mandell

Arielle Mandell

Graduate Research Assistant

Trust, Vigilance, Social Robotics, Cognition

Ari Mandell is a fifth year doctoral student in George Mason University’s Human Factors & Applied Cognition program. In 2013, she earned a BA in Cognitive Science and Psychology from the University of Virginia, where she managed Dr. Salthouse’s Cognitive Aging Lab. Since 2013, Ari has worked with Dr. Tyler Shaw’s HeART lab, gaining experience with each of the lab’s facets: hemodynamics, automation, resilience, and trust.

Ari’s primary research interest is in the dynamics of trust in automation, but she is also interested in examining individual differences in vigilance performance (using Transcranial Doppler Sonography) and investigating effects of mind perception on human-robot interaction. She is currently researching the interaction between individual differences and automation design features (i.e. level of dominance) with a focus on the process of trust repair.

Selected Publications

Mandell, A.R., Smith, M.A., Martini, M.C., Shaw, T.H., & Wiese, E. (2015). Does the presence of social agents improve cognitive performance on a vigilance task? Social Robotics, 9388, 421-430.

Mandell, A.R., Becker, A., VanAndel, A., Nelson, A., & Shaw, T.H. (2015). Neuroticism and vigilance revisited: A transcranial Doppler investigation. Consciousness and Cognition36, 19-26.

Becker, A., Mandell, A.R., Tangney, J.P., Chrosniak, L.D., & Shaw, T.H. (2015). The effects of self-control on cognitive resource allocation during sustained attention: a transcranial Doppler investigation. Experimental Brain Research, 233(7), 1-9.

Mandell, A.R., Becker, A., VanAndel, A., Nelson, A., & Shaw, T. H. (2014, September). The effect of neuroticism on vigilance performance: A transcranial Doppler investigation. In Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, 58(1), 969-973.

Salthouse, T. A., & Mandell, A. R. (2013). Do age-related increases in tip-of-the-tongue experiences signify episodic memory impairments? Psychological Science24(12), 2489-2497.


M.A., George Mason University, 2015

B.A., University of Virginia, 2013