PhD Students

  • Abdulaziz Abubshait

    Abdulaziz Abubshait

    Human-Machine Interactions, Automation and Mind Attribution

  • Wendy L Baccus

    Wendy L Baccus

    Action Perception, Motor Learning, and Biological Movement

  • Daniela Barragan

    Daniela Barragan

    Driver Inattention, Mental Workload, and Perception

  • José A Calvo IV

    José A Calvo IV

    Transportation Usability and Design

  • Steven Chong

    Steven Chong

    Vigilance, Attention Restoration, and Default Mode Network

  • Dean Cisler
  • Jasmine Dang

    Jasmine Dang

    Vigilance Tasks, Wearable Interfaces, Driving, and Human-Computer Interaction

  • Amanda Harwood

    Amanda Harwood

    Sustained Attention/Vigilance, Human Performance, Workload and Neuro-physiological Measures

  • Nicholas Hertz

    Nicholas Hertz

    Human-Robot Interaction, Human Computer Interaction, and User Experience and Design

  • Shane Kelly

    Shane Kelly

    Visual Working Memory

  • Brian Kidwell

    Brian Kidwell

    Aviation Human Factors, Supervisory Control, Flexible Automation, and Individual Differences in Automation

  • Spencer C Kohn

    Spencer C Kohn

    HCI, Usability, and User Experience

  • Ari Mandell

    Ari Mandell

    Vigilance, and Transcranial Doppler Sonography

  • Ryan McGarry

    Ryan McGarry

    Distribution of Visual Attention, Cognitive Aging, and Cognitive Training using EEG and MRI

  • Ali Momen

    Ali Momen

    Neuroscience, Social Psychology, and Robotics

  • Rachel Nguyen

    Rachel Nguyen

    Visual Attention and Search, Visuo-spatial Cognition, Human-Computer Interaction, and Statistics

  • Raul G Ramirez

    Raul G Ramirez

    Vigilance, Workload Transitions, and the use of Transcranial Doppler Sonography to Measure Mental Workload

  • Melissa R Scheldrup
  • Stephanie Tulk

    Stephanie Tulk

    Embodied Cognition, Social Robotics, Brain Stimulation, and Citizen Science

  • Michael Waltrip
  • Patrick Weis

    Patrick Weis

    Psychophysiology, improving Human-Technology-Interfaces, and Embodied Cognition

  • Kevin D Zish

    Kevin D Zish

    Cognitive Neuroscience, Eye Tracking, Errors, and Interruptions