• Jose A Calvo

    Jose A Calvo

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Driver Safety, Naturalistic Driving, Autonomous Vehicles, Driver Behavior

  • KRISTIN Carpenter

    KRISTIN Carpenter

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Cognitive Development, Developmental Neuroscience, Educational Interventions, Literacy, Dyslexia

  • David D Cerri
  • Dean Cisler

    Dean Cisler

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Robert T Cummings

    Robert T Cummings

    Themed entertainment | VR/AR entertainment | Identity research | Creative writing


  • Erika P De Los Santos

    Erika P De Los Santos

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Cognitive training, stress resilience, vigilance, attention, working memory, simulation training, serious games, virtual environments

  • Ewart de Visser

    Ewart de Visser

    PI of the TRUMAN Lab

    how different automated agents interact with humans and the ways in which these agents may affect performance, trust, reliance, and compliance during a task



  • Nicholas Gazzia

    Nicholas Gazzia

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Ami Getu

    Ami Getu

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Pamela M. Greenwood

    Pamela M. Greenwood

    Emeritus Faculty

    Genetic modulation of cognitive and brain aging, interventions for cognitive aging (behavioral and non-invasive brain stimulation).


  • William S Helton

    William S Helton


    Vigilance, Response Inhibition, Disaster and Emergency Response, Interaction of Cognitive and Physical Performance, Wearable Interfaces, Working Dogs

  • Kyle Hunter Hickerson

    Kyle Hunter Hickerson

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Autonomous Vehicles, Trust in Automation, Aggressive Driving

  • Malika Hicks
  • Michael B Hock


  • Kenneth Jackson

    Kenneth Jackson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Human Performance, Wearable Technology, Multi-Tasking, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Trust in Automation

  • Noushin Jamaatlou

    Noushin Jamaatlou

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Liam Kettle

    Liam Kettle

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Brian Kidwell
  • Min Ji Kim

    Min Ji Kim

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Molly Kluck
  • Spencer Kohn

    Spencer Kohn

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Trust in Automation, Trust Repair, & Human-Automation Teams

  • Breanne C Kroehler

    Breanne C Kroehler

    Human Rights in East and South East Asia with a focus on Human Trafficking of Children, Refugees and Displaced populations. Community Development and Fair Trade. International Relations between China, Japan, and Korea. Intersectionality of Fair trade, Environmental Sustainability and Human Trafficking.


  • Tomas Lapnas

    Tomas Lapnas

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Yi-Ching Lee

    Yi-Ching Lee

    Assistant Professor

    Human factors in transportation and medical systems; social interactions; intelligent systems; intelligent virtual agents



  • Rachel Nguyen

    Rachel Nguyen

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Visual Attention and Search, Perception, Visuo-spatial Cognition, Augmented/ Virtual Reality

  • Mary Nichols


  • Matthew S. Peterson

    Matthew S. Peterson

    Associate Professor

    Visual attention, eye movements, working memory, attentional control, brain plasticity, and cognitive training



  • Heath Heath Sharp

    Heath Heath Sharp

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Trust in Automation, Trust Resiliency, and Trust Repair

  • Tyler H. Shaw

    Tyler H. Shaw

    Associate Professor

    Vigilance or sustained attention, Human-Computer interaction, trust in automation, team performance.


  • Andrea Taylor
  • Marissa Toma

    Marissa Toma

    Social Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Robots/AI as Educational Tools

  • Greg Trafton
  • Stephanie Tulk

    Stephanie Tulk

    Graduate Lecturer

    Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Modeling, Artificial Intelligence and Citizen Science


  • Michael Waltrip

    Michael Waltrip

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Deirdre Ward

    Deirdre Ward

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