• Jose A Calvo

    Jose A Calvo

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Driver Safety, Naturalistic Driving, Autonomous Vehicles, Driver Behavior

  • KRISTIN Carpenter

    KRISTIN Carpenter

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Cognitive Development, Developmental Neuroscience, Educational Interventions, Literacy, Dyslexia

  • Dean Cisler

    Dean Cisler

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Robert Cummings


  • Erika P De Los Santos

    Erika P De Los Santos

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Cognitive training, stress resilience, vigilance, attention, working memory, simulation training, serious games, virtual environments

  • Ewart de Visser

    Ewart de Visser

    PI of the TRUMAN Lab




  • Nicholas Gazzia

    Nicholas Gazzia

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Ami Getu

    Ami Getu

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Kurtis Goad

    Kurtis Goad

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Pamela M. Greenwood

    Pamela M. Greenwood

    Emeritus Faculty

    Genetic modulation of cognitive and brain aging, interventions for cognitive aging (behavioral and non-invasive brain stimulation).


  • William S Helton

    William S Helton


    Vigilance, Response Inhibition, Disaster and Emergency Response, Interaction of Cognitive and Physical Performance, Wearable Interfaces, Working Dogs

  • Kyle Hunter Hickerson

    Kyle Hunter Hickerson

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Autonomous Vehicles, Trust in Automation, Aggressive Driving

  • Malika Hicks
  • Steven Holland



  • Kenneth Jackson

    Kenneth Jackson

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Human Performance, Wearable Technology, Multi-Tasking, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

  • Noushin Jamaatlou

    Noushin Jamaatlou

    Graduate Research Assistant



  • Tomas Lapnas

    Tomas Lapnas

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Yi-Ching Lee

    Yi-Ching Lee

    Assistant Professor

    Human factors in transportation and medical systems; social interactions; intelligent systems; intelligent virtual agents

  • Jung-Kuan Lin


  • Amy Mackay
  • Lindsey Malcein

    Lindsey Malcein

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    User Experience/Usability Research and Design, Intelligent Virtual Agents, Human Factors in Healthcare

  • Jessica Elizabeth Mcdonough
  • Ryan McGarry

    Ryan McGarry

    Distribution of Visual Attention, Cognitive Aging, and Cognitive Training using EEG and MRI

  • Patrick E McKnight

    Patrick E McKnight

    Director of the MA Program

    Associate Professor

    Research methods and data analysis with a particular interest in measurement.

  • Justin Mensen

    Justin Mensen

    Sustained Attention and Vigilance

  • Ali Momen

    Ali Momen

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Neuroscience, Social Psychology, and Robotics


  • Rachel Nguyen

    Rachel Nguyen

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Visual Attention and Search, Perception, Visuo-spatial Cognition, Augmented/ Virtual Reality

  • Mary Nichols


  • Matthew S. Peterson

    Matthew S. Peterson

    Associate Professor

    Visual attention, eye movements, working memory, attentional control, brain plasticity, and cognitive training

  • Blake Piper



  • Sarah Schroeder
  • Heath Heath Sharp

    Heath Heath Sharp

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Trust in Automation, Trust Resiliency, and Trust Repair

  • Tyler H. Shaw

    Tyler H. Shaw

    Associate Professor

    Vigilance or sustained attention, Human-Computer interaction, trust in automation, team performance.


  • Marissa Toma

    Marissa Toma

    Social Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Robots/AI as Educational Tools

  • Greg Trafton
  • Stephanie Tulk

    Stephanie Tulk

    Graduate Lecturer

    Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Modeling, Artificial Intelligence and Citizen Science


  • Michael Waltrip

    Michael Waltrip

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Eva Wiese

    Eva Wiese

    Associate Professor

    Social Robotics, Embodied Cognition, Mind Perception, Trust in Human-Robot Teaming