Harriet Sanya

Harriet Sanya

Harriet Sanya

Stress, Human/ Team Performance, Factors that impact decision Making, Fatigue, and Vigilance in general aviation.

Harriet Sanya is a first year doctoral student in the George Mason University's Human Factors and Applied Cognition program under the guidance of Dr. Tyler Shaw. 

She is excited to bring her experiences from an array of different areas including organizational biases and decision making, the impact of black stress, and human factors in aviation into her own research at George Mason University.

Her main research interests involve human performance, stress and how it influences professional environments as well as decision making, training in stressful environments, especially for aviation professionals and biases in the aviation industry.


BA. George Mason University, 2019

MS, Southern New Hampshire University, 2021 (Advisor: Chantel Ritner & Dr. Troy Muhammad)

PhD, George Mason University, 2026 (Advisor: Dr. Tyler Shaw)