Rachel Nguyen

Rachel Nguyen

Rachel Nguyen

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Visual Attention and Search, Perception, Visuo-spatial Cognition, Augmented/ Virtual Reality

Rachel is a doctoral student in the Human Factors & Applied Cognition Program, working with Dr. Matt Peterson in the Visual Attention and Cognition Lab. She received a B. A. in Psychological Science at California State University San Marcos.

Rachel’s research interests are still greatly developing and currently includes: visual attention and search, visual-spatial cognition, and perception. During undergrad, she did research in a Visual Cognition and Tracking Laboratory that focused on visual search, processing, representations, and memory.

Recent Presentations

Nguyen, Rachel T. T. & Williams, C. C. (2017). Thick and thin: Occluding elements’ contents and widths affect visual memory. Poster presented at the 58thAnnual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Nguyen, Rachel T. T. & Williams, C. C. (2017). Behind the picket fence: Visual representations of occluded objects in long term memory. Talk presented at the 24th Annual CSUSM Psychology Research Fair. San Marcos, CA.