Auditory Research Group


The Auditory Research Group is dedicated to research in all areas of Applied Auditory Cognition. This includes the design of auditory displays, (particularly collision avoidance and navigation systems for air and ground), communication systems, and strategies for improving speech intelligibility in adverse listening conditions and among those with hearing impairments. The laboratory includes two acoustically shielded chambers for recording and testing of auditory stimuli, a host of neurophysiological and physiological recording equipment and a suite of high quality sound generation, digital recording, analysis, and presentation equipment and software.

We have a number of on-going projects involving many different aspects of auditory cognition and spatial navigation. We have been examining psychophysical parameters of multi-modal displays and warnings. These will be used to design more effective collision warning and navigation systems. In particular, we examine individual differences in spatial navigation and how people learn navigational skills in complex tasks like driving and unmanned arial vehicle (UAV) operation.

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