Engineers from Honda Inc. Visit CENTEC


Researchers from Honda’s Research and Development laboratories visited CENTEC on March 3, 2011. Shane Chang, Chief Scientist, Honda Research Institute USA, and his colleagues Kin Fung and Timothy Dick toured the CENTEC labs in David King Hall and had discussions with CENTEC Director Raja Parasuraman and other CENTEC researchers.

The Honda engineers were shown various lab facilities, including the desk-top driving simulator with visual and auditory warning signals, the motion-based driving simulator, EEG recording systems, brain stimulation devices, and the TCD ultrasound imaging system.

Following the tour the Honda engineers had productive discussions with CENTEC researchers on the use of neuroergonomic measures to assess driver vigilance and fatigue. Dr. Parasuraman is arranging for a follow-up visit to the Air Force Research Lab, which is a sponsor of CENTEC, for additional discussions and potential collaborations on assessment of driver fatigue.